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the black box

BLACK BOX (Black edition)

BLACK BOX (White edition)

The Vitalfield transformer "BLACK BOX" is certainly one of the most important devices of our time. There is no comparable solution that would so quickly and permanently neutralize all the radiation load in our living space. In the new harmonious environment of the vital field transformer, the organism can regenerate much more easily and quickly during sleep and during the day. The number of phases of deep sleep increases many times and accelerates the regeneration process. 

For a radiation-free life.

With the help of the Qi-Quant vital field transformer, we offer a universal, effective, and easily installable solution that serves to revitalize every household. It is a device that creates a revitalizing field throughout the house or apartment. A negative ion field is created within the walls of your home, acting as a protective shield covering your house or apartment. The key is the conversion of positive ions (electrosmog) into negative ions.

Telluric rays and electrosmog deplete human energy, cause vegetative stress, and alter the ion ratio in the room air. The Qi-Quant Vital Field Transformer balances geopathogenic stimuli, such as water veins, so that the body is no longer weakened, and energy in these areas is not inhibited. This strengthens the body's self-healing abilities, and all bodily systems can regenerate in a natural vital environment.

The Qi-Quant Vital Field Transformer effectively compensates for the burden of electrosmog and geopathic radiation, ensuring a revitalized living and spatial environment.

The Qi-Quant Vital Field Transformer operates in several areas. Unlike cheaper systems that practically only 'reprogram' or 'harmonize' radiation, the frequencies in the Qi-Quant Vital Field Transformer are neutralized in all geopathic burdens (water veins, disruptions, global grids), and this is also the case with electrosmog.

Device dimensions : 24cm x 24cm x 12cm