TELEONIC is a milestone in vibration and regulation medicine. It represents a revolutionary step in development because TELEONIC is capable to transmit "particles" (doses of energy). The Teleonic combines the knowledge of physicists from centuries with the latest scientific findings in the fields of quantum physics and bio-resonance. The QLE AG under the direction of quantum physicist Harald Granzer goes one step further and proves with this newly developed regulatory medical device that this knowledge can be used to create the highly complex conditions of a healthy, natural, dynamic living environment. Under these conditions, every cell of the body goes into resonance and can thereby react individually in order to stimulate the body's own self-healing process. Information through neutrino oscillations, which control all life processes. For this purpose, the body is offered the combination of light, magnetism and frequencies - an intelligent form of energy that goes into specific resonance with ourbody's own processes.This technique is the world's first possibility of using neutrino oscillation technology. Device dimensions: 34,5cm x 34,5cm x 10cm