The "REVITAL TABLET" allows you to achieve the qualities of high-quality products in all foods. You can taste the difference! ReVital signifies pleasure, quality of life, and safety. Harness the power of nature with unique food quality for your well-being! With the "REVITAL PLATE" device, all solid and liquid foods regain their original life force.

The origin of our food

Healthy foods are increasingly in the consciousness of people nowadays. The quality of biologically processed produce depends on the quality of the source materials, which are crucial to maintain the natural life-force-energy in foods in the form of biophotons. Bio-Chemists have been aware of this energetic quality of foods for many years. life is more than the sum of all ingredients!

From Food to Meal

Why does an apple plugged from our own tree tastes so much better than the same kind of apple that has been grown on a commercial farm and has been on a road for a long time? When plants grow in direct and indirect sunlight and in a nutrient-rich soil, they store this energy in the form of biophotons.  All kinds of pesticides, artificial fertilisation and farming can have a negative influence on the energetic quality of our foods. Scientists have showed the importance of biologically high-quality foods for our health from New Zealand in a far-reaching study in 1940.  With the ReVital Tablet it is possible to restore foods to biological high-quality. You can taste it!

Why Revital tablet?

ReVital stands for delight, quality of life and safety. Use the power of nature with the unique quality of foods for your well-being! The ReVital is based on the knowledge of information-transmission. With the ReVital Tablet all foods and liquids regain their original life-force. Dead foods are in a natural way transformed into ‚alive‘ foods, foods for life. The ReVital Tablet does not need any service or maintenance. Put foods and liquids directly or in glass or ceramic containers onto the stainless steel surface of the ReVital Tablet. The nature-identical vibrational information generated by the ReVital Tablet is directly transmitted to the foods and liquids.

Device dimensions: 31,5cm x 31,5cm x 5cm.