Powerful " BRIGHT PLATE " provides the necessary energy for all the challenges of everyday life :
at any age, in any place, in private or in business. By providing the optimal vital frequency spectrum of the revolutionary qi-quant technology, there is immediate charging of the energy potential of all cells of the body.

Subtle, pulsating energy fields activate your cellular metabolism. Daily use provides your body with vital frequencies that supply energy. As a support for therapeutic use in pain and injuries

For immediate activation and regeneration

By providing the optimal spectrum of vital frequencies through the revolutionary Qi-Quant technology, there is an immediate charge of the energy potential of all the body's cells. Therefore, this device also serves as a support for therapeutic use in pain and injuries.

Key benefits for Qi-Quant BRIGHT users:

• Instant activation and increased energy level: Qi-Quant BRIGHT activates your body within minutes and instantly boosts your energy level. Overall body performance is enhanced.

• Cell repair and therapy support: Pulsating energy fields support cell repair and improve pain and injury treatment.

• Improved cellular metabolism: Activating cellular metabolism promotes the regeneration of your entire body.

• Enhanced concentration: Qi-Quant BRIGHT assists with concentration issues and promotes a clear mind. It effectively aids in combating learning difficulties and brain aging processes.

• Overcoming daytime fatigue: You can overcome daytime fatigue and immediately feel energized.

• Energy at every stage of life: Whether it's sports, work, or daily life, BRIGHT supports you in every situation to enhance your performance. Supportive therapy inspires users and therapists.

• Flexible and simple usage: Usage is straightforward and takes only 3 to 10 minutes to activate the body. Longer usage times may be suitable for supporting therapy with BRIGHT. You can use BRIGHT while sitting or lying on it.

• Professional consultation and therapy support: Longer usage times may be suitable for supporting therapy with BRIGHT. To achieve the best results when using it, consult precise times with your Qi-Quant consultant.

Device dimensions : 24cm x 24cm x 12cm